Sleeping positions ruining my health

Which sleeping position do you use most?

To fall asleep I often need to be lying on my stomach or side. However, these sleeping positions are hazardous to my health!

Not exactly hazardous, but they are causing problems. Two specific problems that are currently bothering me. My teeth and my wrinkles.

Let’s start with my teeth.

Thanks to wearing a dental plate during my younger years I had wonderfully straight teeth. No braces required!

Then, within the past few years I’ve noticed a change. My front teeth are moving out of place. So during my (semi-regular) dentist appointment I asked about this movement.

One expensive wisdom tooth removal surgery later, my teeth are still moving.

Maybe it’s just my paranoia but I think they’re moving faster each day

The answer:

I finally realised that sleeping on my stomach pushes my teeth backwards each night. That’s a lot of hours of pushing!

Now on to the wrinkly bit

I am pretty careful with skin care and applying sunscreen regularly so I was surprised (read: mortified) to find I have a deep wrinkle on my body.

Right there on my chest. A big wrinkle.

Now, I know it’s all superficial appearance nonsense and I shouldn’t worry. I agree. I wish wrinkles didn’t bother any of us. However, it’s playing on my mind and affecting my self esteem.

The solution

I found my solution while reading a book called Amazing Face by Zoe Foster. Right there in the pages was my answer.


The book clearly stated that to stop boob wrinkles I have to stop sleeping on my side.

The other problem

I can’t fall asleep on my back.

I just can’t.

How to fall asleep on your back

While trying out apps to combat insomnia I found out that:
1. Some really work to put me to sleep.

2. If I fall asleep on my back while listening to these apps I stay on my back until I wake.

Some nights I really can’t stand lying on my back so I give up. But otherwise I have discovered the best way for my body to sleep.

Have you found any issues with your sleeping positions? Please share in the comments section.


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