Resolutions that won’t fail

Resolutions and goals can be made on any day of the year, but this time of year is particularly motivating. If you’re making resolutions for the new year make them worthwhile. When making your resolutions here are some tips for success:
Clearly define each goal

The clearer your goals are, the clearer your path will be to reach them. If your goals are too nebulous you’ll struggle to pinpoint what you need to do to achieve them. Each step towards your goal should have a purpose, otherwise you’ve gone off track.

Break large goals down into smaller parts

A goal such as “Become a millionaire” is less attainable and can become discouraging when you don’t see a result. Define the smaller steps within your goal. Your goal to becoming a millionaire can have many different steps such as; create my online store, learn marketing techniques, expand my network of clients.

You have the resources available to reach your goal, you can literally do anything you want to achieve. There’s no need to feel discouraged as there is always more than one path to reach a goal, if the first way doesn’t work then try another path.
Remember, if your mental health is a roadblock in your path towards your goals you can make an appointment with a medical professional. Every aspect of your health, including mental health, can be addressed if you wish to improve it. There are a multitude of resources available to us, your GP is available to help you find the right resource for you.

Toothpaste + science = healthy mouth

I’ve recently heard that some people refer to AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste as “magic toothpaste.” The truth, however, is it isn’t magic at all… it’s science.

Did you know that your tooth’s enamel is porous which means it has tiny microscopic holes in it? When you drink dark liquids like wine or coffee and when you eat food, it can nestle into these little pores. When you brush regularly, the fluoride gets rid of plaque, but the stains remain. This is where this whitening toothpaste comes in handy.

In addition to fluoride, this whitening toothpaste has TWO patented ingredients that no other toothpaste on the market has! These two molecules help remove stains, and help protect the teeth for 24 hours, to prevent more staining. As you keep using the product, it continues to work. Your teeth start to feel smoother and they look whiter.

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It’s a catastrophe! How to avoid catastrophic thinking

The dreaded anxiety spiral. It’s so difficult to stop it once it begins so the key is to stop it before it gets completely out of hand.

This is going to take a little daily brain training and a lot of mindfulness. Let’s do this!


Mindfulness means being present and aware in the moment which is a very useful skill for humans to practise. Practising mindfulness encourages us to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, once we’re more in tune with them it’s easier to have better control of our thoughts.

We all have those moments when our thoughts start spiraling down into very negative territory. The negative thoughts keep getting worse and worse often causing us to feel helpless and full of despair. This is called catastrophic thinking and it usually goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety.

Once we get to that catastrophic level of thinking it can feel impossible to get out of it and back into positive territory. It’s important to identify and re-route our thinking before it gets unmanageable. We can’t control the crappy world around us but we can train ourselves to have control over our thoughts and responses. It’s quite challenging to learn this skill but it’s worth it to feel the freedom that it brings.

The negative thoughts we encounter can feel so real, so true and completely valid. How do you combat that? The answer is to remember that thoughts are not facts. My psychologist taught me this 10 years ago and it has become a mantra in my mind, constantly reminding myself. I even wrote it on my mirror in my bedroom so that I could remind myself constantly, training my brain towards this valuable reminder. You can do it too. Repeat it so that you remind yourself when you need it most.

Thoughts are not facts

This practice of mindfulness can help keep those catastrophic thoughts in check, which will help minimise your anxiety or be a great tool to manage your depression.

Be mindful of your thoughts

Keep an eye on your thoughts and notice how they are affecting you. Is is a great way to train your brain against catastrophic thinking. Practise observing your thoughts without judgement, this is a type of meditation practice.

There are many meditation apps out there that can guide you through a mindfulness meditation session. My favourite meditation app is Insight Timer.

Mindfulness meditation will teach you how to acknowledge your thoughts without placing judgement on them. During your meditation allow yourself to notice feelings without being swept up by them. This will become your regular training so that you can learn to have more control over your actions and your response to negative emotions.

Challenge your thoughts

Being consumed by anxious or negative thoughts is scary because the thoughts feel completely real and rational. If you notice yourself slipping into a spiral take a deep breath and challenge your beliefs. Ask yourself, “Is this threat real right now?” Or is this my brain interpreting this as a dangerous situation?

Focus on the here and the now. Focus on the facts. Thoughts are not facts.

A professional can help

It’s difficult to overcome catastrophic thinking alone, don’t be discouraged! If it’s a challenging task you can ask for help from a therapist. If you don’t already have a psychologist, speak with your regular GP about obtaining a referral to a psychologist that is right for you.

A mental health professional can work through the causes of your catastrophic thinking and recommend the tools and techniques that are suited to your personal situation. 

Never give up. You can learn to remove yourself from the negative spiral of thoughts and combat catastrophic thinking.

Instantly soothe insect bites

Mosquito season is upon us! Did you know only female mosquitoes bite? The males just eat nectar and other plant juices. The female needs to feed on blood for iron and protein to produce eggs.

If you’ve been bitten by a female mosquito looking for nutrients for her eggs, simply apply a dab of lavender oil directly to the bite. The oil stops the itching immediately. It’s my lifesaver during the warm months! I’m quite visible to biting insects so I combat the bites with essential oils. 👍

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A little goes a long way. One bottle will be plenty for you to enjoy.

There are many ways to enjoy lavender oil.

  • You can massage it into your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Massage a few drops of lavender and peppermint oil it into your temples when you have a headache for instant relief.
  • Breathe in a whiff of lavender oil before bed to encourage relaxation into sleep.

How do you do lavender?

How do you do breakfast?

I choose not to skip breakfast! Keeping your blood sugar level stable is the easiest way to prevent type 2 diabetes (which runs in my family) and keep brain function at optimal levels. 

Did you know that your brain can’t function without glucose? That’s why when you’re hungry your body tells you to have high energy foods. It’s a defence mechanism, a quick band aid solution to your lack of energy. What your body is actually asking for is complex carbohydrates (Low GI foods) that can be broken down and digested into glucose molecules for the brain to use as energy.

Low GI foods such as brown rice, brown bread and grains are the best option for a hungry brain. They keep your blood sugar stable too!

I also reach for some protein in the morning to give my muscles the energy to tackle the day. Protein helps your body feel fuller for longer! The reason your body needs protein is because proteins are made up of amino acids, the building blocks of life. Your muscles, enzymes, cells, everything in your body needs that precious protein.

How do you do breakfast in the morning?