Your phone camera may be lying to you

I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung Note 9 and it wasn’t until a few months later that I noticed the function of a particular setting that is default on. In the Settings menu this particular setting says that it corrects the shape of faces that appear distorted. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but I guessed it would help me take better photos.

So I was taking some selfies, trying to figure out my best angles to show off some cute new earrings when I noticed that the default camera app on my Samsung had distorted my face on purpose. Then I understood what the setting meant and it kind of broke my heart.

I love you Samsung. Why would you purposely distort my oval shaped face into a heart shaped face? Are you saying that my natural normal appearance, the features I have written in my DNA, are distorted?


In a time of low self esteem this is not appropriate. People are getting plastic surgery to look more like these camera filters. All humans have the choice to live their life however they wish, with or without body modification. But when we’re constantly shown fake images of what people are supposed to look like then we begin to feel that we don’t measure up to this impossible standard and it leads to mental illness. I struggled for many years before I gradually taught myself to have self esteem and if I’m being completely honest, it is the absolute best thing to do for yourself if you struggle with lack of self worth and self confidence. Future-you will thank you for it, trust me. Once you are no longer preoccupied with your perceived faults (Hint: they don’t exist) life is easier in every aspect. Bonus: Once people see the confidence you have in yourself they will have confidence in you too. It’s science. The branch of science is psychology.

Your physical appearance is irrelevant

Another setting on my Samsung that I turned off as soon as I could find it: the beauty filter. All it does is blurs the image so that you can’t see my pores and wrinkles and it seems to add extra dark pixels to my eyes and eyelashes to make them pop. If you’ve noticed any changes your particular camera app makes to your face, regardless of whether you prefer the setting on or off, write it in the comments below.

I turn these filters off because I know my face is acceptable as it is. I choose not to wear makeup most days because I know my face is great purely because it’s attached to me. I enjoy applying makeup when I feel like it because it’s fun, like an art project or special effects/cosplay.

Your physical appearance is irrelevant. Remember that. To me, I have absolutely no reason to judge your character based on a couple of features. Most of the time I don’t even notice appearance and it is extremely difficult for me to describe a person if they aren’t in front of me. It’s because I’m too busy focusing on your personality and that’s all I need to see. That’s the part that matters.

You are beautiful because of who you are and who you choose to be. Your appearance is irrelevant to me. Now go out there and get that self confidence.

You got this.

PS. I ended up taking the photos of my cute earrings with the camera filters off and a makeup free face. The only “flaw” I did notice is that I poke my tongue out a lot.

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