Starting a business from scratch

People who have started their own business all have different reasons for doing so. The reasons span from wanting the flexibility to work from home, wanting to be your own boss and even chronic illness preventing a person from working in a particular work environment.

You start your business with a plan in mind, if you’re doing it right. You begin with your plan and you jump right in without fear.

That’s a lie. You might be totally fearful, anxious at whether this will all work out, worried about the risks or money put into an idea that might or might not be successful.

Here I am, beginning my business on Facebook with The Full Cup Wellness with minimal resources. As you can see on the Facebook page I started with a photo of my cup of tea and a picture of me posting with that same mug (although it was filled with coffee that time!). Then I used a free photo editing app and, with my complete lack of editing skills, I made the following profile picture:


Sure it’s not an artwork worthy of a prize in an art gallery but it’s handmade with love using the resources I have at hand. Those resources just happen to include my utter lack of design skills and my poor quality camera on my phone.

Please share your business page in the comments below and allow us to like, follow and support your business. Because supporting each other is the way to go. Competitiveness might get you further in some situations but I believe it’s much easier, better, more rewarding to lift each other up in our endeavours.

If you’re just starting out with a brand new business idea post your motivation below so we can understand more about your “why”.

And if you’ve been considering a new business venture but are unsure where to start please contact me for an opportunity that doesn’t require any start up costs, no ongoing fees, no kits to buy and continuous ongoing support and training.


Keeping your cup full

There are a few reasons why I’ve named my new Facebook business page The Full Cup.

The main idea is that I wanted to invoke feelings of positivity and optimism. The cup is all the way full instead of half full/half empty.

There’s also that familiar comforting that comes from a warm full cup of tea or coffee. That idea of comfort and peace is more and more important in this increasingly busy life full of anxiety.

There is a third meaning to The Full Cup and I’d like to share it with you.

The best relationship advice many people have heard is to not go to bed angry. I love that advice. It’s genius advice. It makes sense and it’s (relatively) easy to follow.

But there is another piece of advice I’ve read that I’m finally beginning to really understand. I’m understanding it because I’m finally living it and it’s not as complicated as I thought when I’d initially read about it.

The key to a successful and happy relationship is to keep your cup full. Or your “happy relationship account balance” topped up. If you’re making more deposits of love and respect into your relationship than withdrawals then you’re doing it right! Similarly, if your partner is draining your cup/making withdrawals without depositing enough love in the relationship bank then some communication is in order.

Always communicate communicate communicate!

If there is some tension between us, my partner and I determine what is triggering the tension we are able to work through it together. All of the kindness and understanding comes from the communication and acknowledgement of any issues we might be quietly dealing with inside. So there is no resentment. No more withdrawals from the relationship bank.

It’s give and take. There is no take without a lot of give. And it works.


I don’t check emails on Sundays

In the pursuit of the mystical “work-life” balance I’ve decided to be more gentle on myself. In the hope of preventing major burn-out and those typical feelings of a metaphorical overwhelming crushing weight upon my shoulders, I’m not checking emails on Sundays.

That’s right, a break from work. Time to connect and spend quality time with my significant other. Refresh. Recharge.

Sundays are my rest day. The day to switch my brain off and rest so that I can have a more productive week.

Are you able to switch off and allow yourself a “weekend”? Let us know your tips/thoughts in the comments!

Great giant meatballs!

Last night I shared on my new Facebook business page my success with trying out a new recipe. The recipe you might have seen around the internet lately, The Giant Meatball Stuffed With Spaghetti!!


Ultimate comfort food on these chilly winter nights in Sydney.

It’s an easy recipe (I don’t have the confidence as a cook to try any difficult techniques just yet!!) and it’s a bit fun.

Check out the link to the recipe below:


I’m over halfway through Plastic Free July ( and I haven’t even blogged about it! If no one on social media knows about it, did it even happen? I’m not willing to take that risk!

It sure has been challenging so far, as you would expect from a plastic-free challenge.

From day 2 of Plastic Free July I was already already faced with many dilemmas!
The half price wraps at Woolworths are packaged in plastic! Do I need to make my own flat bread now?

The sandwiches I made for my work lunch have been wrapped in foil (which ripped) or put into lunchboxes.

I went to the butcher and interacted with staff (Argh human interaction!) to buy meat that wasn’t wrapped in non-recyclable plastic.

And the biggest thing was that instead of staring at all of the rubbish on the ground on the corner of my street I got a bag and picked up what I could. Wow, I never actually realised how many cigarette butts have been discarded along the footpath and nature strip. How very sad. Images of dead birds with their stomachs filled with bottle caps, lighters and cigarette butts have haunted me recently, along with the news of the sea life that are starving to death with their bellies full of plastic bags.

I’m hoping this helps raise some more awareness of the issue and please join up for plastic free July so that we begin to understand how much of our lives are currently wrapped in plastic!

The bane of sensitive teeth

Some days my teeth are so sensitive that even the cold winter air makes them sting as though I’ve just bitten into ice cream.

Recently I came across a whitening treatment that is suitable for my sensitive teeth. It’s more than suitable!

See my new Facebook page for the full story!

If you’re interested in learning more please leave me a message in the comments.

The blessing and curse of oily skin

Oily skin comes with the benefit of smoother, less wrinkled skin. However, if you are “blessed” with oily skin you’ll definitely understand all of the cons that come with the pro.

Other than looking incredibly shiny halfway through the day (blotting papers for the win!) oily skin often comes with the bonus of having GIGANTIC PORES. Huge, visible pores that cover the nose, cheeks and sometimes the chin.

I’ve tried toners and refining lotions to no avail. They all claim to make our pores less visible but I didn’t experience real results unless I used a mud mask or exfoliated the top layers completely off my face! But even then my large pores faithfully returned the next day.

One day, when I was still living at home with my parents, I noticed my mum had bought a bar of black soap. Black soap?! What is this black soap bar for? A mud soap bar? I’d heard of mud masks but mud soap?

Here’s a link to what I’m talking about:

MediumPic_34_1.jpgSeacret Mud Soap

So I gave it a go. Washing my face with the mud soap almost daily left it feeling clean and fresh. I followed it with my usual cheap moisturiser and went about my day.

By the time I’d almost finished the mud soap (and it takes a loooooooong time to get through a soap bar when it’s only being used twice a day, if that) I noticed my pores were gone. Not just for a day, but gone. Makeup free confidence here I come!

Just as an aside here, I don’t wear makeup daily to work as I find it clogs my pores and can lead to breakouts. But there’s a bigger reason that I don’t wear makeup to work and it has everything to do with the psychology of being okay with my natural appearance.

Once my mud soap was finished I remained pore-free for a few months. That’s right, MONTHS. Going makeup free has never been easier. My morning routine is just a cleanse with any old cleaner then slap on some moisturiser with SPF.

Now I’ve noticed my pores are becoming visible in my oily visage again so I’ve ordered another soap bar for myself. It sits in the shower waiting for me and I am waiting for it.

Here’s to (relatively) flawless skin!

Fill us in about your winning beauty buys in the comments!