Starting a business from scratch

People who have started their own business all have different reasons for doing so. The reasons span from wanting the flexibility to work from home, wanting to be your own boss and even chronic illness preventing a person from working in a particular work environment.

You start your business with a plan in mind, if you’re doing it right. You begin with your plan and you jump right in without fear.

That’s a lie. You might be totally fearful, anxious at whether this will all work out, worried about the risks or money put into an idea that might or might not be successful.

Here I am, beginning my business on Facebook with The Full Cup Wellness with minimal resources. As you can see on the Facebook page I started with a photo of my cup of tea and a picture of me posting with that same mug (although it was filled with coffee that time!). Then I used a free photo editing app and, with my complete lack of editing skills, I made the following profile picture:


Sure it’s not an artwork worthy of a prize in an art gallery but it’s handmade with love using the resources I have at hand. Those resources just happen to include my utter lack of design skills and my poor quality camera on my phone.

Please share your business page in the comments below and allow us to like, follow and support your business. Because supporting each other is the way to go. Competitiveness might get you further in some situations but I believe it’s much easier, better, more rewarding to lift each other up in our endeavours.

If you’re just starting out with a brand new business idea post your motivation below so we can understand more about your “why”.

And if you’ve been considering a new business venture but are unsure where to start please contact me for an opportunity that doesn’t require any start up costs, no ongoing fees, no kits to buy and continuous ongoing support and training.


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