Keeping your cup full

There are a few reasons why I’ve named my new Facebook business page The Full Cup.

The main idea is that I wanted to invoke feelings of positivity and optimism. The cup is all the way full instead of half full/half empty.

There’s also that familiar comforting that comes from a warm full cup of tea or coffee. That idea of comfort and peace is more and more important in this increasingly busy life full of anxiety.

There is a third meaning to The Full Cup and I’d like to share it with you.

The best relationship advice many people have heard is to not go to bed angry. I love that advice. It’s genius advice. It makes sense and it’s (relatively) easy to follow.

But there is another piece of advice I’ve read that I’m finally beginning to really understand. I’m understanding it because I’m finally living it and it’s not as complicated as I thought when I’d initially read about it.

The key to a successful and happy relationship is to keep your cup full. Or your “happy relationship account balance” topped up. If you’re making more deposits of love and respect into your relationship than withdrawals then you’re doing it right! Similarly, if your partner is draining your cup/making withdrawals without depositing enough love in the relationship bank then some communication is in order.

Always communicate communicate communicate!

If there is some tension between us, my partner and I determine what is triggering the tension we are able to work through it together. All of the kindness and understanding comes from the communication and acknowledgement of any issues we might be quietly dealing with inside. So there is no resentment. No more withdrawals from the relationship bank.

It’s give and take. There is no take without a lot of give. And it works.



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