I decided to give crowd funding a go

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my current job is ending and despite applying for all the microbiology jobs in Sydney as they pop up on the job search websites, I still haven’t been contacted by any of them. 

I’ve begun putting my bills and other costs all on my credit card and it’s getting a little overwhelming. So I’m trying a bit of crowd funding to get me through. 

Here’s my crowd funding project page:


Please help in any way you can. Even messages of advice and encouragement are welcome. 


Chicken Skin

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a skin condition that is often referred to as chicken skin. I don’t like that term, because it’s difficult enough for me to look at my skin without feeling inadequate. 

It’s just a harmless collection of red bumps that I have on my upper arms, thighs and sometimes on my back. I say it’s harmless because it’s physically not harming me but the emotional impact is a whole other story.

When I was young, children would stare and make comments at the red spots. These are incidents that have stuck with me over the years, causing me to think that everyone is always staring at my skin in disgust whenever I’m not covered up. 

I’ve tried a lot of remedies to make the spots disappear but none have been successful. 

The best remedy that I have discovered is to improve my self esteem. I no longer focus on the spots which has led me to feel much more comfortable. Comfortable in my own skin. 

I like my water at 40°c

I have a kettle that displays the temperature of the water inside and temperatures from 80 – 100 °c can be set.

Since I can see what temperature the water is currently at, I have discovered that water at about 40 degrees Celsius is my preferred temperature.

Cold water has never been a favourite of mine. I have sensitive teeth and I don’t like the feeling of cold water, either on my body or in it. 

I’m glad my family keeps our water jug on the bench rather than in the fridge. 

What temperature do you prefer? Warm or cold? Or really hot?