Crafternoon crochet

Crochet has always intrigued me. People can be so creative with all those knots and loops of yarn. I wanted to learn the skill of creating things with yarn too so at the end of 2018 I watched a YouTube video. Just any beginner How To video that came up.

The problem with learning from a video is that there was no one to correct my technique if it was wrong, or to answer any questions I had about finding the next stitch or where in the stitch to crochet into. So I got frustrated and gave up for the time being.

Next I asked a family member to help me learn to crochet. We began with the foundation chain. Well, that confused me a lot because I couldn’t understand why we were starting with this straight line of chains. I guess I wasn’t asking the right questions at the time!

I walked away a bit frustrated and confused. Now, this is usual for me when trying to learn a new skill. I get discouraged and stop trying for a bit. Then I pick it up again and eventually get the gist after looking at more resources and/or actually just practicing.

I turned to the pages of the crochet magazines I had excitedly bought from the local newsagent. There in the back of each mag is a How-to section for beginners. I also read some crochet blogs and tips online. Eventually I did get the gist…

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder without intellectual disability, which used to be known as Aspergers Syndrome. Now that I know I’m on the spectrum I understand why crochet and knitting is so soothing, the repetitive movements.

You may know that people with ASD will sometimes “stim” which can involve repeating a motion over and over. It’s a fantastic distraction for the mind and a very peaceful way to pass the time.


When you get home from work do you go on autopilot and turn on the TV or Netflix? I replaced my TV viewing afternoons with craft like crochet and knitting. You could say it’s a crafternoon.

Some crochet patterns involve counting and concentration which makes it very difficult to pay attention to the plot of a show. I find that a podcast or music without words are a good background for crafternoons. Or even just the sounds of the neighborhood around me, particularly when beginning a long foundation chain and I need to focus on counting!

Don’t get me wrong, I still watch TV shows and movies, just a lot less these days. I’m still a beginner so I look at my work a lot. Once you become autonomous with a skill you can go by muscle memory, but I still need to find which is the next stitch to crochet into!

Plastic free materials

I’ve been sourcing yarn for my crochet and knitting that is plastic free. Think about all of the microplastics created from the fluff of synthetic materials. When I found out that every time I wash my synthetic clothing I release up to around a million particles of plastic into the ocean I freaked. Have a look at this article about it if you’re interested: The contribution of washing processes of synthetic clothes to microplastic pollution

I feel a lot of empathy, I always have, so the thought of destroying the wildlife with the choices I make in my day to day life hurts. But also… Think of all the plastic filling the stomachs of all the seafood you’re eating…

You can reduce the plastic fibres going down the drain by capturing them in a bag such as the Guppy bag. That’s the one I use. It’s like a giant delicates bag for my Black Milk Clothing collection. Hehehe..

At the end of 2019 I began my vegan journey. I have changed my purchasing habits to avoid animal products and other unethical products.

Did you know that material made from bamboo is made with harsh chemicals that affect the workers using them and the environment. How Viscose Rayon Fabric Masquerades as Bamboo Clothing

Before last Christmas I found a beautiful scrubbie yarn in 100% cotton. It makes great body scrubbers so I made a bunch for my family and gave them as gifts at Christmas. I hope the cotton scrubbies replace the plastic loofah in their shower. The recommendation is to replace your plastic shower loofah every 3 weeks. That’s a lot of plastic! I recently switched to a linen scrubber I found online so I just use my cotton scrubbie for travelling.

It’s not absolute perfection but it does the job!

Last week I found, at the bottom of my yarn stash, another ball of the scrubbie yarn! I can’t find it online anymore, I can’t remember what it was called. 😫

Anyway, I started making more body scrubbies and created an online store to sell them. Click the button below to visit the store. ⬇️

I also started making amigurumi for adults. (Amigurumi is crocheted toys) I found a free pattern on a blog with the best name ever, I wish I thought of it. I present the link to the Mr Hanky crochet pattern on the blog named…

Inside Uranus

Amazing. Bravo. I love it.

I’ve got one complete Mr Hanky item for sale on the Storenvy site but I can whip up another in a few days. I’m also thinking of scaling it up to make a bigger novelty toy.

The other adult themed amigurumi I’ve made have sold faster than I’ve been making them, so they aren’t listed on my store. See some pics below..

Some real beginner work

I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey. Please let me know if you want me to attempt to make you a custom item. I’m getting the hang of freestyling the shapes and patterns, I think!

Email me:

Update: I found an old photo of the scrubbie yarn I used! The dark yarn in the background is the navy blue shade of the same scrubbie yarn.


Toothpaste + science = healthy mouth

I’ve recently heard that some people refer to AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste as “magic toothpaste.” The truth, however, is it isn’t magic at all… it’s science.

Did you know that your tooth’s enamel is porous which means it has tiny microscopic holes in it? When you drink dark liquids like wine or coffee and when you eat food, it can nestle into these little pores. When you brush regularly, the fluoride gets rid of plaque, but the stains remain. This is where this whitening toothpaste comes in handy.

In addition to fluoride, this whitening toothpaste has TWO patented ingredients that no other toothpaste on the market has! These two molecules help remove stains, and help protect the teeth for 24 hours, to prevent more staining. As you keep using the product, it continues to work. Your teeth start to feel smoother and they look whiter.

To purchase within Australia use this link.

For all other purchase enquiries please comment below or email

Using my superpower for good

Hey there Full Cuppers.

I made a little (approx. 4 min) video talking about why I’ve created the website The Full Cup.


If you’re not in the mood for video viewing today here’s the gist:

Special talents are not always immediately apparent but I think I have finally found mine: I have the ability to talk about anything and I love sharing knowledge.

I have no issue with talking about any topic. No topic is taboo. All topics are fascinating, especially those related to biology. All forms of health; mental, physical and emotional health are all important and interesting.

In the hopes of using my superpower for good I created The Full Cup. Gaining and sharing knowledge while dispelling ignorance is my goal.

Would you like to collaborate? Do you have topics to suggest? Do you have some lovely things to say about my cat t-shirt in the video? Please leave a comment below or email me

Kinder Surprise but for adults who love shiny things

I was always a sucker for the ubiquitous $1 lucky dips at the markets. I couldn’t resist uncovering the surprise that is hidden inside those beloved Kinder Surprise eggs. To this day I still have difficulty walking past a lucky dip. I need to see what’s inside!

Do you like uncovering the secret within a lucky dip prize too? Are you attracted to shiny objects such as sparkly jewellery? I certainly am, and I prefer to support small businesses.

Below is my review of 2 small businesses that hide beautiful jewellery within gorgeous scented products. Scented Secret and Royal Essence.

Scented Secret

I placed an order for the Lemon and Lavender candle at Scented Secret and received the shipping confirmation quite quickly. The package ended up with a terrible courier company and ended up in some warehouse somewhere. After a little kerfuffle I finally received my package and excitedly unboxed it. (Subsequent deliveries have been quick and painless so this was only a one off situation.)

The package arrived in recycled packaging right down to the cardboard box. I love the focus on minimising the carbon footprint and using all recycled materials. 

Scented Secret Lemon and Lavender soy wax candle
Sterling silver earrings from within the candle

I burned the candle until the wax was all melty and scenting the entire room with the incredibly relaxing yet uplifting combination of lemon and lavender. Then, after peaking a few times to see if I could see the little foil-wrapped package, I eventually spotted it hidden behind the label of the candle. I fished it out and opened it carefully. 

From within the little package I discovered these incredible sterling silver earrings. Gosh darn I’m in love with them and how they sparkle.

Check out the entire range at:

They even have a ginger bread candle for the upcoming holiday season. It sounds delicious! You might or might not want to gift one to yourself this Christmas.


Royal Essence

Ordering online at Royal Essence is quick and easy and shipping is even easier. I ordered the Rainbow Unicorn Ring Bath Crumble. When my package arrived I immediately fished out the little foil-covered package inside the bath crumble, which is exactly like a crumbled up version of a bath bomb. Before I opened the little packet I noted that the scent of this bath crumble is vibrant and sweet, I smell spun sugar mixed with sweet berries

This Rainbow Unicorn Ring Bath Crumble is from the Fairytale Collection which is full of mermaid tears and sparkles. And of course there are exclusive jewels inside each delicious smelling product.

Royal Essence Rainbow Unicorn bath crumble

There is a guaranteed aurora boreale jewel inside every item in the Rainbow Unicorn Collection.

The ring I discovered inside the Rainbow Unicorn Bath Crumble

Royal essence also has a Christmas range online now and I am very tempted by all of it. For 10% off all your orders at Royal Essence use the code FULLCUP10

An ongoing issue

The saddest thing is that I don’t think I know many (if any) people who HAVEN’T experienced sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual violence of any form.

Your sister, your mother, your niece, your daughter, your grandmother, your aunty.

This applies to any gender.

Cured of depression?

After almost 15 years of depression I have found a solution.

Or at least found the correct treatment for my brain.

This year I found out that I have PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). I recently made the decision to use hormone treatment and now the general depression I feel throughout my cycle seems to have gone.

I feel normal again. I finally feel human again. I feel in control again. No longer sad for no particular reason.

I hope this information helps some people.
Here are some studies on the subject of reproductive hormone levels leading to depression.

Chicken Skin

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a skin condition that is often referred to as chicken skin. I don’t like that term, because it’s difficult enough for me to look at my skin without feeling inadequate. 

It’s just a harmless collection of red bumps that I have on my upper arms, thighs and sometimes on my back. I say it’s harmless because it’s physically not harming me but the emotional impact is a whole other story.

When I was young, children would stare and make comments at the red spots. These are incidents that have stuck with me over the years, causing me to think that everyone is always staring at my skin in disgust whenever I’m not covered up. 

I’ve tried a lot of remedies to make the spots disappear but none have been successful. 

The best remedy that I have discovered is to improve my self esteem. I no longer focus on the spots which has led me to feel much more comfortable. Comfortable in my own skin. 

I like my water at 40°c

I have a kettle that displays the temperature of the water inside and temperatures from 80 – 100 °c can be set.

Since I can see what temperature the water is currently at, I have discovered that water at about 40 degrees Celsius is my preferred temperature.

Cold water has never been a favourite of mine. I have sensitive teeth and I don’t like the feeling of cold water, either on my body or in it. 

I’m glad my family keeps our water jug on the bench rather than in the fridge. 

What temperature do you prefer? Warm or cold? Or really hot?