Toothpaste + science = healthy mouth

I’ve recently heard that some people refer to AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste as “magic toothpaste.” The truth, however, is it isn’t magic at all… it’s science.

Did you know that your tooth’s enamel is porous which means it has tiny microscopic holes in it? When you drink dark liquids like wine or coffee and when you eat food, it can nestle into these little pores. When you brush regularly, the fluoride gets rid of plaque, but the stains remain. This is where this whitening toothpaste comes in handy.

In addition to fluoride, this whitening toothpaste has TWO patented ingredients that no other toothpaste on the market has! These two molecules help remove stains, and help protect the teeth for 24 hours, to prevent more staining. As you keep using the product, it continues to work. Your teeth start to feel smoother and they look whiter.

To purchase within Australia use this link.

For all other purchase enquiries please comment below or email


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