Kinder Surprise but for adults who love shiny things

I was always a sucker for the ubiquitous $1 lucky dips at the markets. I couldn’t resist uncovering the surprise that is hidden inside those beloved Kinder Surprise eggs. To this day I still have difficulty walking past a lucky dip. I need to see what’s inside!

Do you like uncovering the secret within a lucky dip prize too? Are you attracted to shiny objects such as sparkly jewellery? I certainly am, and I prefer to support small businesses.

Below is my review of 2 small businesses that hide beautiful jewellery within gorgeous scented products. Scented Secret and Royal Essence.

Scented Secret

I placed an order for the Lemon and Lavender candle at Scented Secret and received the shipping confirmation quite quickly. The package ended up with a terrible courier company and ended up in some warehouse somewhere. After a little kerfuffle I finally received my package and excitedly unboxed it. (Subsequent deliveries have been quick and painless so this was only a one off situation.)

The package arrived in recycled packaging right down to the cardboard box. I love the focus on minimising the carbon footprint and using all recycled materials. 

Scented Secret Lemon and Lavender soy wax candle
Sterling silver earrings from within the candle

I burned the candle until the wax was all melty and scenting the entire room with the incredibly relaxing yet uplifting combination of lemon and lavender. Then, after peaking a few times to see if I could see the little foil-wrapped package, I eventually spotted it hidden behind the label of the candle. I fished it out and opened it carefully. 

From within the little package I discovered these incredible sterling silver earrings. Gosh darn I’m in love with them and how they sparkle.

Check out the entire range at:

They even have a ginger bread candle for the upcoming holiday season. It sounds delicious! You might or might not want to gift one to yourself this Christmas.


Royal Essence

Ordering online at Royal Essence is quick and easy and shipping is even easier. I ordered the Rainbow Unicorn Ring Bath Crumble. When my package arrived I immediately fished out the little foil-covered package inside the bath crumble, which is exactly like a crumbled up version of a bath bomb. Before I opened the little packet I noted that the scent of this bath crumble is vibrant and sweet, I smell spun sugar mixed with sweet berries

This Rainbow Unicorn Ring Bath Crumble is from the Fairytale Collection which is full of mermaid tears and sparkles. And of course there are exclusive jewels inside each delicious smelling product.

Royal Essence Rainbow Unicorn bath crumble

There is a guaranteed aurora boreale jewel inside every item in the Rainbow Unicorn Collection.

The ring I discovered inside the Rainbow Unicorn Bath Crumble

Royal essence also has a Christmas range online now and I am very tempted by all of it. For 10% off all your orders at Royal Essence use the code FULLCUP10


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