Using my superpower for good

Hey there Full Cuppers.

I made a little (approx. 4 min) video talking about why I’ve created the website The Full Cup.


If you’re not in the mood for video viewing today here’s the gist:

Special talents are not always immediately apparent but I think I have finally found mine: I have the ability to talk about anything and I love sharing knowledge.

I have no issue with talking about any topic. No topic is taboo. All topics are fascinating, especially those related to biology. All forms of health; mental, physical and emotional health are all important and interesting.

In the hopes of using my superpower for good I created The Full Cup. Gaining and sharing knowledge while dispelling ignorance is my goal.

Would you like to collaborate? Do you have topics to suggest? Do you have some lovely things to say about my cat t-shirt in the video? Please leave a comment below or email me

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