I’m over halfway through Plastic Free July (http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/) and I haven’t even blogged about it! If no one on social media knows about it, did it even happen? I’m not willing to take that risk!

It sure has been challenging so far, as you would expect from a plastic-free challenge.

From day 2 of Plastic Free July I was already already faced with many dilemmas!
The half price wraps at Woolworths are packaged in plastic! Do I need to make my own flat bread now?

The sandwiches I made for my work lunch have been wrapped in foil (which ripped) or put into lunchboxes.

I went to the butcher and interacted with staff (Argh human interaction!) to buy meat that wasn’t wrapped in non-recyclable plastic.

And the biggest thing was that instead of staring at all of the rubbish on the ground on the corner of my street I got a bag and picked up what I could. Wow, I never actually realised how many cigarette butts have been discarded along the footpath and nature strip. How very sad. Images of dead birds with their stomachs filled with bottle caps, lighters and cigarette butts have haunted me recently, along with the news of the sea life that are starving to death with their bellies full of plastic bags.

I’m hoping this helps raise some more awareness of the issue and please join up for plastic free July so that we begin to understand how much of our lives are currently wrapped in plastic!


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