With Age Comes Balding

Almost all of us will experience balding in some way, whether we watch someone else struggle with losing their hair or we go through it ourselves. There are many types of hair loss but I want to discuss balding as we age, also known as male and female pattern balding or androgenic alopecia.

Why is it called male/female pattern balding?

Age-related balding happens in a specific pattern in men and women. The pattern of balding is how you diagnose balding and determine whether it’s age-related balding or if it is caused by something else such as fungal infection or medications. Females normally have balding or thinning from the centre part of the scalp and males lose hair from the temples or crown.

Diagram showing balding from the temples to give the classic widow’s peak. Image source.

What causes balding from age?

Androgens are a type of hormone in the body that are responsible for controlling the male characteristics in both males and females. The word androgen is made up of the latin words for man (andro-) and generator (-gen). Testosterone is an androgen that is made in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands and it is found in high concentrations in males but in low concentrations in females.

The body converts testosterone into other forms, ie. metabolises the testosterone, with different enzymes depending on which part of the body it is in, the age of the body and also the gender of that body. There isn’t enough known about how the different types of testosterone products interact with the process of making hair follicles in men and women but we do know that no matter how much testosterone you have or don’t have, balding ultimately comes down to your genes.

It’s genetic!

As we age our hair follicles become weaker and produce weaker, thinner, more brittle hair. Then eventually the hair follicle dies and no longer produces hair. People with relatives who experience male pattern baldness are more likely to also experience male pattern baldness themselves.

There is no cure

There are topical treatments for balding to prevent and/or reduce hair loss. These treatments have limited success due to the lack of knowledge regarding the metabolism of testosterone between individuals.

The best way to deal with balding in your life is to assess your own self esteem and feelings of self worth.

Also consider how you feel when you look at a person who is showing signs of balding. Remember that the way you perceive yourself is very different to the way others perceive you. When you look in the mirror be gentle to the friend in the reflection. You are a beautiful person no matter how many working hair follicles you have.

Stay healthy and safe. Reply in the comments with your suggestions for a specific health topic you would like me to cover.

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You’re worth more than a number

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You’re worth far more than any number on a scale.

If you don’t have to, seriously, NEVER weigh yourself.

Is it actually useful to know your weight and how it fluctuates daily, weekly, monthly? Be honest.

Instead, it’s far more useful to note how your body is feeling. How are you feeling at the moment? Are you a bit bloaty? Are you in pain? Are your clothes tight or uncomfortable?

If stepping on the scales makes you feel so crappy that you lose motivation then remove that toxic bitch from your life!! No BODY has time for that negativity.

If you’re losing confidence and beating yourself up because of those scales, get yourself out of that depressing cycle.

You have the power to remove those negative influences in your life and become more productive in your journey through life.

And remember, our weight fluctuates so much that we weigh differently at different times of the day. The amount of water you drink or whether you’ve emptied your bowels will make a lot of difference. Even the amount of sleep you get will change your weight!

So weighing youself day to day doesn’t actually matter. You know what does matter?

How strong you are becoming as you train your muscles to lift weights.

Holding that yoga pose or nailing your pilates routine.

Reaching your goal of running a few km or completing a marathon.

Feeling confident when you look in the mirror.

Loving yourself because you’re worth it!

It’s rare that I check my weight anymore. When I do, I accept the number that appears on the dial. It’s only a number.

Working towards fitting into a pair of jeans or a slinky dress is a great goal, but you deserve to love yourself and feel worthy in the clothes you are already in. No matter the size.

Instantly soothe insect bites

Mosquito season is upon us! Did you know only female mosquitoes bite? The males just eat nectar and other plant juices. The female needs to feed on blood for iron and protein to produce eggs.

If you’ve been bitten by a female mosquito looking for nutrients for her eggs, simply apply a dab of lavender oil directly to the bite. The oil stops the itching immediately. It’s my lifesaver during the warm months! I’m quite visible to biting insects so I combat the bites with essential oils. 👍

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A little goes a long way. One bottle will be plenty for you to enjoy.

There are many ways to enjoy lavender oil.

  • You can massage it into your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Massage a few drops of lavender and peppermint oil it into your temples when you have a headache for instant relief.
  • Breathe in a whiff of lavender oil before bed to encourage relaxation into sleep.

How do you do lavender?

Mottos, mantras and affirmations oh my! Words to live by

What’s your motto? Do you have daily mantras to keep you heading in the right direction or to keep your spirits up? How do you choose to live your life in the basic day to day context?

I’m quite partial to this one:

Do whatever you want
Just don’t hurt anyone

There is power in having the choice and confidence to live a satisfying life without regrets. Psychological and neurological studies have shown that hurting others can bring you down and make you feel sick, stressed and all around terrible. Living your best life for you and your well-being involves freedom and kindness for ultimate happiness at the end of the day.

You can make the choice to wear what you want (shiny velvet shirts or all black, it’s your choice!). Colour your hair or shave it off. Embrace your leg hair. Dance whenever you feel like it. Wave at dogs in cars.

Question why you choose to follow society’s standards. Why are you choosing to wax your eyebrows or wear makeup? Are you doing it for you because you like it or did someone tell you to do it? Have you wanted to try wearing makeup, maybe even fake tan, but society is telling you that there are restrictions around your gender? Who is controlling whether or not you apply body glitter or try out for the local badminton team? If it’s not you then who is in control of your life? And why?

What’s your life motto? Share your motto or affirmations in the comments below.

Self care with mud

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask review!

A weekly bath and mud mask is my ultimate self care routine. So last night I put my hair up and slathered on the mud.

Bathing with mud on your skin. I love it! It’s purifying, it’s cleansing, it’s relaaaaaaaxing.


As my Shrek mask dries it lightens up. Just like my mood while I’m relaxing with the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud. 😉


When it’s almost all dry I take advantage of the Moisture Mist spray and reactivate the mask for some extra purification of my pores.


Damn! Check out those pores! Gotta love pores. They’re just doing their thing, sitting there, being all big and pore-like.

Back to the review.

So I sprayed the Moisture Mist liberally and soaked a bit longer, all relaxed-like.


Then washing it off! Washing off a mud mask is easy in the bath. If you splash mud water around the bath or shower it’s less of an issue than when you do it at the sink. 😂 Or maybe I’m just really clumsy 😂

I finished my mini spa sesh with another spritz of the Moisture Mist. Then I applied my favourite face oil and I’m all done!

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Matcha matters

If you’ve never heard of matcha, or you’ve heard it popping up everywhere lately and have no idea what it is, it’s a powdered form of green tea leaves. The leaves are of high quality and you’re obtaining the benefits of drinking the powdered tea leaves instead of discarding them in preference for the tea-infused water alone.

There’s a reason that the benefits of drinking green tea are so widely known and celebrated. It’s because those benefits are felt throughout the world!

Personally, I adore a cup of green tea to beat my afternoon slump when I’m falling asleep at my desk or I need a little pick me up. I’m quite sensitive to caffeine so a coffee is too intense for me if I have it after the morning.

If you’re wondering how this wonder drink can help you out here are some of the ways it helps others.


Although many people use green tea in meditation practices there is also a scientific reason why it’s a relaxing substance. Green tea can produce a calming effect thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine, which makes you feel relaxed without making you drowsy.

Improve concentration and memory

Green tea increases the production of dopamine and serotonin throughout the body. These are the hormones which boost your mood, you become more focused and your memory is ready to work at its best.


Oxidants are all around us. UV radiation and environmental pollution are the most frequently encountered oxidants. To combat these oxidants you’ll need some antioxidants. Antioxidants, called polyphenols, can provide protection against heart disease and some forms of cancer, improve blood sugar regulation, reduce blood pressure and provide anti-ageing benefits.

Burn calories

It sounds like a magical elixir but green tea is also known to boost metabolism reduce bloating. There’s nothing like avoiding the inevitable bloated feeling after enjoying a cup of green tea.

Boost energy levels

Sure caffeine is great and it’s present in green tea but it’s the nutrients in green tea that are the hero here. The right kind of nutrients that lead to that slow burn energy to help you get through the day.


Help flush your system of toxins by downing a cup of green tea. The properties of the tea will get to work on improving your insides.

Heart health

In the family of flavonoids, Catechins found in green tea help lower LDL cholesterol, which decreases your blood pressure and reduces your risk of stroke.

As always, remember to consume everything in moderation. Avoid drinking matcha while pregnant, don’t drink green tea more than water and very likely be fine.

And if you don’t enjoy the flavour of green tea consider taking green tea supplements! Reply below if you’re interested in a super special secret 10% off green tea supplement offer. Worldwide shipping is available so get in touch!

The key to longevity

Caloric restriction has been touted as the best way to achieve a longer lifespan. Diets that involve calorie restriction include the CR (Calorie Restriction) diet, 5:2 diet and intermittent fasting.

Recent scientific publications and articles have outlined the way a diet that involves some form of fasting can benefit the human body.

A quote from one of the articles concludes with:

Longevity in humans is still an unpredictable by-product of our myriad variations in individual biology, behavior and circumstance. The objective, according to researchers, is merely to make the healthy portion of our lives last longer.

So although caloric restriction is only one small part of the bigger picture for your total individual health over the span of your lifetime it is a potential change you can make in your life.

Some tips for trying out a caloric restrictive diet:

  • Limit alcohol consumption as we often forget that alcohol contains a lot of empty, nutritionless calories. This is true for all types of alcohol!
  • Meals that contain a higher percentage of protein will make you feel more full. Carbs are great as fillers but protein is best for those lower calorie “fasting days”.
  •  Utilise those free calorie counting apps such as S Health which is compatible with Samsung devices or My Fitness Pal which is great for iPhone users.
  • Meal replacement products are often formulated to be high in protein and will help you feel full without going over your calorie limit.

If you’re interested in trying out some metabolism boosting supplements and meal replacement shakes that will assist in a calorie restrictive diet please comment below or contact me for more information!

The bane of sensitive teeth

Some days my teeth are so sensitive that even the cold winter air makes them sting as though I’ve just bitten into ice cream.

Recently I came across a whitening treatment that is suitable for my sensitive teeth. It’s more than suitable!

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If you’re interested in learning more please leave me a message in the comments.

The blessing and curse of oily skin

Oily skin comes with the benefit of smoother, less wrinkled skin. However, if you are “blessed” with oily skin you’ll definitely understand all of the cons that come with the pro.

Other than looking incredibly shiny halfway through the day (blotting papers for the win!) oily skin often comes with the bonus of having GIGANTIC PORES. Huge, visible pores that cover the nose, cheeks and sometimes the chin.

I’ve tried toners and refining lotions to no avail. They all claim to make our pores less visible but I didn’t experience real results unless I used a mud mask or exfoliated the top layers completely off my face! But even then my large pores faithfully returned the next day.

One day, when I was still living at home with my parents, I noticed my mum had bought a bar of black soap. Black soap?! What is this black soap bar for? A mud soap bar? I’d heard of mud masks but mud soap?

Here’s a link to what I’m talking about: http://www.seacretspa.com/mud-soap

MediumPic_34_1.jpgSeacret Mud Soap

So I gave it a go. Washing my face with the mud soap almost daily left it feeling clean and fresh. I followed it with my usual cheap moisturiser and went about my day.

By the time I’d almost finished the mud soap (and it takes a loooooooong time to get through a soap bar when it’s only being used twice a day, if that) I noticed my pores were gone. Not just for a day, but gone. Makeup free confidence here I come!

Just as an aside here, I don’t wear makeup daily to work as I find it clogs my pores and can lead to breakouts. But there’s a bigger reason that I don’t wear makeup to work and it has everything to do with the psychology of being okay with my natural appearance.

Once my mud soap was finished I remained pore-free for a few months. That’s right, MONTHS. Going makeup free has never been easier. My morning routine is just a cleanse with any old cleaner then slap on some moisturiser with SPF.

Now I’ve noticed my pores are becoming visible in my oily visage again so I’ve ordered another soap bar for myself. It sits in the shower waiting for me and I am waiting for it.

Here’s to (relatively) flawless skin!

Fill us in about your winning beauty buys in the comments!