Mottos, mantras and affirmations oh my! Words to live by

What’s your motto? Do you have daily mantras to keep you heading in the right direction or to keep your spirits up? How do you choose to live your life in the basic day to day context?

I’m quite partial to this one:

Do whatever you want
Just don’t hurt anyone

There is power in having the choice and confidence to live a satisfying life without regrets. Psychological and neurological studies have shown that hurting others can bring you down and make you feel sick, stressed and all around terrible. Living your best life for you and your well-being involves freedom and kindness for ultimate happiness at the end of the day.

You can make the choice to wear what you want (shiny velvet shirts or all black, it’s your choice!). Colour your hair or shave it off. Embrace your leg hair. Dance whenever you feel like it. Wave at dogs in cars.

Question why you choose to follow society’s standards. Why are you choosing to wax your eyebrows or wear makeup? Are you doing it for you because you like it or did someone tell you to do it? Have you wanted to try wearing makeup, maybe even fake tan, but society is telling you that there are restrictions around your gender? Who is controlling whether or not you apply body glitter or try out for the local badminton team? If it’s not you then who is in control of your life? And why?

What’s your life motto? Share your motto or affirmations in the comments below.


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