Reminder: Write it down

Have you often thought “There’s no way I’ll forget that. It’s too important”, only to feel intense frustration at being unable to remember?

Worrying about trying to remember important tasks or events can add extra stress to your day.

Sometimes when I’m in the middle of something (like having a shower or walking to the train station) I’ll think of something I need to do later or I think up a really good (read: moderately amusing) tweet. Then I’ll inevitably forget it completely.

What do you do to remember important tasks or events?


During my high school years I was often seen with writing all over my hands. Frantically trying to remember all the things. Yes, all of the things. Even though I also kept a diary to write these things down, sometimes I’d need to write a reminder on my hand to remind myself to check my diary.

In my room I had pieces of paper everywhere of reminders and lists. I was always worried I’d forget something.

Hint: Random paper around the room and covering your desk doesn’t look great.

I love writing lists such as to do lists and packing lists for trips or overnight stays. So to avoid having pieces of paper all over my desk and bedside table I use the memo app in my phone. Or the evernote app.

I use an Android phone but I’m sure most phones have a default memo or notepad app.

Tips for keeping reminders:

Keep and pen and paper next to your bed. This is helpful for when you have too much on your mind before bed and can’t sleep. Writing some of the thoughts down will allow you to more easily let them go. Looking at a bright screen while trying to sleep can be a hindrance so using paper is good here.

Use apps such as Evernote or the notepad app on your phone to jot down any thoughts, reminders, tweets or lists. Just remember to check the app later!

Use the calendar app in your phone if you need to remember to do things on a particular date or at a particular time. Some calendar apps allow you to set a reminder alarm hours or days before the event.

What do you use to remember important things?

Leave a comment with any tips, tricks or apps that you use.


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