Self care with mud

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask review!

A weekly bath and mud mask is my ultimate self care routine. So last night I put my hair up and slathered on the mud.

Bathing with mud on your skin. I love it! It’s purifying, it’s cleansing, it’s relaaaaaaaxing.


As my Shrek mask dries it lightens up. Just like my mood while I’m relaxing with the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud. 😉


When it’s almost all dry I take advantage of the Moisture Mist spray and reactivate the mask for some extra purification of my pores.


Damn! Check out those pores! Gotta love pores. They’re just doing their thing, sitting there, being all big and pore-like.

Back to the review.

So I sprayed the Moisture Mist liberally and soaked a bit longer, all relaxed-like.


Then washing it off! Washing off a mud mask is easy in the bath. If you splash mud water around the bath or shower it’s less of an issue than when you do it at the sink. 😂 Or maybe I’m just really clumsy 😂

I finished my mini spa sesh with another spritz of the Moisture Mist. Then I applied my favourite face oil and I’m all done!

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Matcha matters

If you’ve never heard of matcha, or you’ve heard it popping up everywhere lately and have no idea what it is, it’s a powdered form of green tea leaves. The leaves are of high quality and you’re obtaining the benefits of drinking the powdered tea leaves instead of discarding them in preference for the tea-infused water alone.

There’s a reason that the benefits of drinking green tea are so widely known and celebrated. It’s because those benefits are felt throughout the world!

Personally, I adore a cup of green tea to beat my afternoon slump when I’m falling asleep at my desk or I need a little pick me up. I’m quite sensitive to caffeine so a coffee is too intense for me if I have it after the morning.

If you’re wondering how this wonder drink can help you out here are some of the ways it helps others.


Although many people use green tea in meditation practices there is also a scientific reason why it’s a relaxing substance. Green tea can produce a calming effect thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine, which makes you feel relaxed without making you drowsy.

Improve concentration and memory

Green tea increases the production of dopamine and serotonin throughout the body. These are the hormones which boost your mood, you become more focused and your memory is ready to work at its best.


Oxidants are all around us. UV radiation and environmental pollution are the most frequently encountered oxidants. To combat these oxidants you’ll need some antioxidants. Antioxidants, called polyphenols, can provide protection against heart disease and some forms of cancer, improve blood sugar regulation, reduce blood pressure and provide anti-ageing benefits.

Burn calories

It sounds like a magical elixir but green tea is also known to boost metabolism reduce bloating. There’s nothing like avoiding the inevitable bloated feeling after enjoying a cup of green tea.

Boost energy levels

Sure caffeine is great and it’s present in green tea but it’s the nutrients in green tea that are the hero here. The right kind of nutrients that lead to that slow burn energy to help you get through the day.


Help flush your system of toxins by downing a cup of green tea. The properties of the tea will get to work on improving your insides.

Heart health

In the family of flavonoids, Catechins found in green tea help lower LDL cholesterol, which decreases your blood pressure and reduces your risk of stroke.

As always, remember to consume everything in moderation. Avoid drinking matcha while pregnant, don’t drink green tea more than water and very likely be fine.

And if you don’t enjoy the flavour of green tea consider taking green tea supplements! Reply below if you’re interested in a super special secret 10% off green tea supplement offer. Worldwide shipping is available so get in touch!