Why I’m anxious about catching the train alone at night

So many times I’ve avoided events in the city after dark because I’m worried about how I’ll get home safely.

The following is just one example.

I encountered the absolute scummiest people on the train just now.

They were loud, obnoxious and played their music loudly for most of the train ride.

I ignored them for the entire trip then when I get up to leave one follows me to the door of the train and says (in the creepiest voice imaginable) “You’re pretty.”
*I shudder internally* “Thank you.”
“Can I have your number?”
*I throw up in my mouth* “Not this time, sorry”
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Yes, I do.” *I lie*
“Does he treat you right?”
“Yep, so far, do good” *I lie again*
“You’re pretty”
*omg train doors, open already*
“Thank you again, you’re too kind”
*The doors finally open, I’m free, walks quickly off the train and out of sight*


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