Normal, natural, biological information for all genders

Rejoice! You were born from a menstruating human. This feature of biology is so important for ALL humans of ALL genders to learn so that we can move forward to remove stigma. There is no need for taboo or fear or anger. It’s a regular human function.

Menstrual cups are used to capture menses (hearts not included)

A quick Biology lesson

Celebrate the fact that the miracle of life stems from such a fascinating and totally normal process. More than half of the population will menstruate during their lifetime. It’s pretty darn cool!

Did you know, other than primates the only other animals that menstruate are bats and elephant shrews? WOW! Other placental mammals (including our pet dogs and cats) undergo oestrus cycles instead of menstruation.

Biology is incredibly fascinating and this knowledge helps us understand how we’re all alive right now. There is nothing scary or wrong with this aspect of reproduction.

Addressing the shame

“It’s crucial that women and girls learn the importance of bodily autonomy and [express] pride, not shame, in their bodies.” – Jessica Schreindl

It’s disheartening and upsetting when menstruating humans are made to feel shame regarding this normal function of life. This is especially true for transgender humans who feel the most pressure to hide any evidence of their menstruation.

Period adverse partners can make navigating periods a challenge but the best and most productive way around this is to speak to them. My partner used to have a very negative view towards periods. He grew up with only brothers! Now he has no problem with periods and took initiative to learn more about the new menstrual cup I bought earlier this year.


If you have a period adverse partner the first step you can take is to introduce conversation of periods like it’s the most normal thing in the world. With confidence and without shame. Share knowledge regarding menstruation in order to remove ignorance. After all, ignorance begets fear and hatred. Combat any fear or ignorance your partner might have towards periods and you’ll be on the right track.

Another group of people who are impacted by the shame surrounding periods is the homeless population. Homeless women and people who menstruate often do not have access to period products. It’s difficult enough to navigate the patriarchy with our periods but for the homeless, it’s near impossible. There are charities that allow us to donate sanitary products to the homeless.

Join me and let’s turn all thoughts and feelings of shame around periods to feelings of PRIDE. Walk proudly to the bathroom holding your pads and tampons. Don’t ever feel like you need to hide the existence of your period.

The way to a more constructive and productive relationship with periods for everybody begins with us breaking the stigma. Keep the conversation going by speaking about your period, your partner’s period, period products and anything that will help with the normalisation of menstruation.


Please comment if you want to know more information. Through education we can remove the ignorance which inevitably leads to prejudice.

Let’s all be PERIOD PROUD together.

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My experience with… Delayed periods


I’m one of those women who is fortunate enough to have always had a very regular menstrual cycle. It’s so regular that even being one or two days late feels very uncomfortable.

What do you do to jump start your period?

Warning: Don’t try these methods if you may be pregnant and don’t want to cause a miscarriage. These are also natural ways to miscarry.

The first thing I try is parsley tea. Dried leaves from the herb isle at the supermarket seem to be more effective than fresh parsley. But sometimes I pick fresh parsley from my garden too.

Brew the parsley leaves in boiling water, leaving to steep for about 10 – 20 minutes then drink it. You don’t need to drink the leaves too, I’m just unusual and like the taste! Drink up to 4 cups a day, no more than that.

Parsley is a natural way to increase your vitamin C levels, which is what will begin the period.

You can also take vitamin C at the recommended daily dose. Don’t try to take more than 3000 mg per day as this can cause liver damage.

Ginger tea can be brewed if you don’t like parsley tea. Fresh ginger may be best but I only have dried ginger at the moment so I’m currently trying that.

Ginger essential oil rubbed on the abdomen may also help. Other essential oils to try are clary sage, sweet fennel, peppermint and many others.

I also tried a warm bath with these oils. It was quite relaxing. Reducing stress can help as stress is often the cause of a delayed period.

Breathing techniques to reduce stress have helped me in the past.

If you have any other suggestions for how to naturally begin the menstruation cycle, feel free to leave a comment.